Sleeping Plaza offers warranty to the original purchase of its products. However it is subjected to the limitations, terms, conditions and exclusions set forth below. 

Each of our brands has its own unique warranty, please follow the links below for your particular product warranty:

Technogel Sleeping:


Treca de Paris:





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Any claim submitted by you will be dealt with in accordance with the above unique brand warranty and the below provisions. 

Mattress Warranty Coverage Parameters:

This warranty is applicable to the following defects that occur during the proper care and use of your product:

  • Sagging: A depression of 2 cm or more on the mattress surface, either where no weight is applied or if the spring unit is compressed and fails to recover.
  • Loose or Broken Spring Coils: Spring wires protruding through the foam or fabri

The Warranty Does Not Apply in the following situations:

  • Stains, burns, rips, tears, or any damage to the mattress covers.
  • Damage caused by using the handles to support the full weight of the mattress. Handles are solely intended for positioning the mattress.
  • Lifting the mattress using the handles.
  • Bending the mattress or spring coil box, resulting in bent or broken coils.
  • Placing the mattress on an improper box or a bed frame lacking adequate support.
  • Changes in user comfort preferences.
  • Impressions or sagging less than 2 cm.
  • Failure to provide proof of purchase date and place of purchase.
  • Product sold on an “AS IS” basis.
  • Alterations, abuse, or damage due to negligence or accidents.
  • Damages caused by the customer and not related to material defects.


Your products will be replaced according to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty. Sleeping Plaza or the manufacturer will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or any expenses arising from the use and ownership of the product.

Mattress Care and Proper Use:

To carry the mattress easily, lay it flat on its side to avoid damage. Handles are provided only for positioning the mattress on the spring box or bed base, not for lifting or moving it.

Keep your bedding clean and stain-free, as any stains will invalidate the warranty. Avoid using cleaning fluids on the mattress, as they may damage the fabric and material. Liquids can also cause upholstery damage and material compression, which voids the warranty.

Ensure proper support for your mattress by placing it on a flat platform with appropriate center support, including a center leg firmly resting on the floor. Alternatively, a setup with five rigid cross support slats and a center leg resting on the floor is also acceptable.

Do not smoke in bed, and prevent anyone from standing or jumping on the bed, as it is not designed to withstand such weight concentration.

Under no circumstance should you bend the mattress, as this can cause permanent damage to the inner spring unit.