Since 1993 we are dedicated to research and innovation in order to improve the sleep quality of our customers.

We were pioneers in the introduction of the 2 in 1 concept waterproof and breathable fitted sheets with the exclusive PERLAM lamination system. The high acceptance of our products is due, in large part, to the fact that they are made of natural fibers such as : TENCEL™, 100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton Yarn and Refibra Technology ( 3R Recycle) among others. We are known worldwide for the outstanding softness and quality of our bedding line.

We are manufacturers

We endorse more than 27 years of experience in the market. From our facilities, we monitor the entire production process which is guarantee of quality, personalized service and flexibility to our customers’ demands with very competitive delivery terms in the most sustainable way.

130 Years Of Delis & Counting

Delis Accessories

Fitted sheet -Mattress protectors and pillowcases 2 in 1.
Bedding line consisting of Fitted-Sheet Mattress Protectors and Pillowcases in different fabrics, qualities and colours. Mainly in TENCEL™, 100% ORGANIC COTTON YARN,100% COTTON and REFIBRA.


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