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The Original is a minimalist bed with strong lines and an elegant look. Inspired by one of Auping’s very first designs, the Cleopatra, the Original is available in ten different colours.

  • Choose one of the three matching head boards
  • Choose your favourite colour
  • Produced in our sustainable factory in Deventer (NL)
  • Combine with an Auping Smart base
  • Awarded: ‘Goed Industrieel Ontwerp’, an important Dutch recognition for industrial design products
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The Original is a minimalist bed with strong lines and an elegant look. Inspired by one of Auping’s very first designs, the Cleopatra, the Original is available in ten different colours.

  • Choice of three headboards
  • Choice of ten colours
  • Available as single or double bed

Colored frame

The frame is available in ten different colours, so chances are your favourite colour is available. The frame is always combined with the black Auping mesh base. By choosing a different colour of legs, you can add even more contrast to the bed. Of course, you can also choose to get them in the same colour.

We have designed three headboards and a table that perfectly match the Original’s design. Two upholstered headboards and a wooden headboard are available as options. The table is round and available in 16 colours.

Dutch Design

The Original was designed in 2007 and is part of a family of iconic beds. The Original is inspired by one of Auping’s very first designs, the Cleopatra, designed by Dick Cordemeijer in 1953.

The Auping Original was awarded the Good Industrial Design Award (GIO) in 2014. In addition to design, this award focuses on function, originality, and innovation. Plus, the design must also be made with respect for people and the environment.

Take a look at all Auping design classics

Head boards

Three matching head boards are available for the Original: two upholstered head boards and one lacquered wooden head board.

Straight: sleek wooden head board
A minimalist wooden head board with rounded corners. The head board is lacquered in one of the ten Auping lacquer colours at our factory in Deventer. Choose a matching or contrasting colour for your frame.

Outline: thin and minimalist head board
The Outline is sleekly designed to match the minimalist design of the bed. The wooden base is upholstered in the fabric of your choosing and has a breathable lining which makes the head board nice and soft. The upholstery is finished with a subtle cord piping.

Stitch: rugged, modern head board
Stitch is a rugged, rectangular head board with a thick cord piping. The quilted seams create a modern striped pattern. This head board is also available in two heights and has a breathable lining, which makes you feel extra comfortable when lying on it.

Everything within reach

Would you also like to have a glass of water, a novel, or a notebook next to your bed? The matching table that we designed for the Original will hold these things for you perfectly. This round, wooden table seems to float on the sleek steel frame. Despite its size, the choice of finish is extensive. With 16 colours available, you can choose whether or not to contrast it with your bed.

In your favourite colour

You can make the Auping Original as colourful as you like. There are ten colours to choose from for the steel frame and the legs. The mesh base, on the other hand, is always black. The wooden table is available in 16 colours. This way you can choose for contrast, a colourful whole, or just tranquillity. We are happy to give you advice in one of our stores.

We powder coat the frame in your favourite colour. Or your partners’ favourite. Thanks to the powder coat the paint is wear-resistant. You can choose from ten colours:
Deep black – Pure white – Cool grey – Warm grey – Clay – Forest green – Blush – Night blue – Rusty red – Coral red

Sustainable design

A lifetime on one bed. It sounds like a dream, but thanks to the steel frame, it’s a reality. Our Auping Original can last for generations.

The Original is partially made by hand and partially by machine in our own factory in Deventer. We combine handcrafting and craftsmanship with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics, and design. We upholster the headboards by hand to make sure that the fabric fits perfectly, we powder coat the frame to make it wear-resistant, and we paint the wooden tables with water-based lacquer. We do all that in our sustainable factory.

Smart design

The minimalist design is a smart design at the same time. It’s easy to assemble and the assembly parts are hidden so that you only see the clean frame. Not only does it look beautiful, it’s also handy. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble the Original. That makes moving just that little bit more enjoyable.

Smart combinations

You can also combine the Original with an upholstered mattress. This creates a nice combination of fabric and steel.


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