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Our Essential is the first fully recyclable bed in the world. But that’s not the only soothing thing about this bed. The sophisticated and minimalist shapes make this bed fit subtly into any room. The modern design is implemented everywhere, right down to the tapered legs. Actually, just looking at it is restful.

The design

The Essential’s modern Scandinavian design brings tranquillity into every bedroom. Supported by the solid but subtle aluminium frame, the soft, round shape of the headboard gives you a safe and sheltered feeling. It feels so wonderful to crawl into; The rounded shape is also reflected in the matching side tables and the tapered legs under the bed.

You can choose the colour of the aluminium frame, of course, as well as the colour of the wooden headboard and the side tables. We’ll paint them all in your chosen colour. Would you rather have an upholstered headboard? No problem.

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The frame

The Essential’s solid aluminium frame, with its sleek, minimalist shapes, brings tranquillity into any room. The frame is made of 40% recycled aluminium, which means it can be completely taken apart and reused.

Because the frame can be completely disassembled and reused, right down to the raw material level, it is also extremely sustainable and reusable. If you like, we’ll powder-coat the frame in your favourite colour or your partner’s favourite. Thanks to the powder-coating, the paint is colourful and wear-resistant. We do the powder-coating in our own factory in Deventer.

You can choose from ten different colours for the frame, the headboard, and the risers. You can combine colours, but this isn’t required, of course. You can turn your Essential into your dream bed thanks to all the different colours.

essential beeldThe legs

The Essential stands firm on its tapered legs. The legs are made of recycled aluminium.  The lying height of the Essential approximately 50 cm from the floor.

Would you like it to be even higher? Then go for our risers. These legs raise your bed by another 7 cm. That’s handy, because it makes it easier for air and the vacuum cleaner to get under your bed, as well as making the Essential even more elegant. Moreover, you can choose a colour for the risers that’s different from that of the frame.

essential beeldHeadboard and side tables

The round, soft headboard makes you feel safe and secure. Moreover, the headboard is a real eye-catcher. It is directly attached to the top of the frame, leaving plenty of room under the bed. You can have the headboard painted in your favourite colour or you can have it upholstered. The headboard can also be ordered separately. This allows you to easily upgrade your bed after years of loyal service.

Make your upholstered headboard extra sustainable by choosing one of the sustainable fabrics from our fabric collection, for example the Points or the Molly fabric.
The Molly fabric, in 100% sheep’s wool, hasn’t been dyed or bleached, so the colours are those of the sheep’s actual wool. The Points fabric is made of recycled yarn from second-hand clothing or fabric remnants.
Read more about our fabric collection.

Side tables
The Essential side tables’ rounded shapes fit perfectly with the bed itself. The tables are made of 15-ply beech wood. We’ll paint them in your favourite colour. We use a water-based paint, i.e. without unsafe and environmentally harmful solvents.

Sustainably handmade

Our Essential is partially made by hand and partially by machine in our own factory in Deventer. We combine handcrafting and craftsmanship with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics, and design here. The fabric fits perfectly because the headboard upholstering is done by hand.

The Essential is the first C2C certified bed in the world; we have received a C2C bronze certificate for the Essential. This means that we meet strict requirements in terms of material safety and reusability of the materials.

essentialModular construction

Our Essential has a modular structure. This is useful because it means that you can easily take it with you when, for example, you are moving house. Quality is maintained completely. We’ll assemble the bed at your house. We screw the headboard directly to the frame. The tables are easy to attach to the side and the risers are easy to put underneath. Then all you have to do is make your bed and try it out.


The Essential is also as adjustable as a bed can get. That is convenient when you have back pain or a persistent cough. Or of course, if you like to read or watch Netflix in bed. You can choose exactly what you want to adjust: the back, the legs, or the head. Or adjust all three, if need be.

You can adjust the Essential using the wireless remote control or Auping Connect. Auping Connect lets you control the bed using your smartphone. Just try to get out of bed.

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90cm x 200cm, 100cm x 200cm, 120cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm, 180cm x 200cm, 200cm x 200cm


Blush, Clay, Cool Grey, Coral Red, Deep Black, Forest Green, Night Blue, Pure White, Rusty Red, Warm Grey


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