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The Down Around 3 Chamber Pillow
The Luxury Lifestyle Collection represents the absolute finest Down Filled Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows ever produced.

Brinkhaus Duvets and Brinkhaus Pillows are known for being the finest in the world. Therefore the Luxury Lifestyle Collection Duvets and Luxury Lifestyle Pillows represent amongst the finest of the finest – The Best of the Best!

The Down Around pillow is a core part of the Luxury Lifestyle collection. The pillow is available in four different support ratings, and is filled with 90% new white Mazurian Farmers Goose Down to the outer chambers and, for support, new White European Goose Feathers (100%) to the inner chamber.

An ideal pillow for those who love the luxury of a soft down filling, but require the support of the feather core.

The Cover
The cover of the Down Around Pillow is made from 100% Egyptian Long Staple Cotton, with a thread count of 380.

The cover is also Medicott treated – a special non-chemical process that prevents dangerous moulds and spores from infiltrating the material – A plus for allergy sufferers.


Fill Weight
standard pillow 50/75cm 310g + 310g


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