3M Mesh base

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• Lifetime warranty
• Head section adjusts electrically
• Back section adjusts electrically
• Foot section adjusts electrically
• 80% open structure
• Smart function: anti snoring and smart alarm
• 10.000 support points
• Steel structure
• Made in The Netherlands

Additional Features and Benefits:

• With the Mesh base Base 3M both the back section, foot section and head end can be adjusted electrically. This Smart base offers the most comfort of all Smart bases. That tells you something. For the optimal sitting position, you can also adjust the head end, so your neck muscles can relax completely. No need for that extra cushion behind your head.

• All our electrically adjustable bases are ‘Smart’. They do much more than provide good ventilation and support. For example, say goodbye to those restless nights lying awake next to your snoring partner thanks to the anti-snoring function. There is also a smart alarm that will wake you up quietly when you are in the lightest phase of your sleep, and you can connect the bed to all other smart devices in the home.

• Wake up well rested and fresh. Ready for a new day. Because of the 80% open structure of the mesh base there is a lot of room for a clean, fresh air supply.
• The mesh base is the only base that offers support on every square centimeter because of more than 10,000 support points and always returns to its original position.

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80cm x 200cm, 90cm x 200cm, 100cm x 200cm, 120cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm


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